Sucker Punch (2008)

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Ray 'Harley' Davidson is a hustler. With flash clothes and a fast mouth, Harley lives life in the fast lane. With his passion for all things gambling, money runs like water through Harley's hands and as quickly as he makes a killing he takes a beating, normally at the poker table. Nominally an illegal prize-fight manager, Harley hasn't produced a live one in months, until Charles Buchinsky literally wanders into his life. Charles Buchinsky, street fighter extraordinaire. He's from out of town looking for a fight and the chance to tie up a few loose ends. Keeps himself to himself, lets his fists do the talking and his word is his bond. Victor Maitland, top illegal fight promoter and porn baron. Hates losing and loves the prestige of managing the best hitter in town. Harley dreams of bringing Maitland down and after seeing Buchinsky at work, engineers a fragile partnership. The duo soon becomes a hot ticket...

GENRES:  Action
DIRECTION:  Malcolm Martin
CAST:  Danny John-Jules  •  Gordon Alexander  •  Lisa Nash  •  Leon Walters

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Cast & Characters

Danny John-Jules Harley
Gordon Alexander Buchinsky
Lisa Nash Melanie
Leon Walters Creel
Kara Scott Mandy
Jimmy Kent Weed
Ian Freeman Maitland
Tom Hardy Rodders
Baz Warne Coburn

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