Conspiracy (1939)

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American Steve Kendall, a freighter's radio officer, discovers seaman Carlson sending an unauthorized message ashore as the ship approaches his war-poised homeland. Carlson is shot in cold blood when he jumps ship and Kendall, implicated in the espionage, swims ashore to avoid arrest. A woman he meets at the dock hides him in her apartment, where he learns Carlson was her brother, and they both work in a sabotage ring. Nedra is a singer at Tio's Cafe, and she approaches Tio for help when both the saboteurs and the secret police try to capture Steve.

Rotten Tomatoes: No critic reviews / Audience 87%

Rated R,  1 hr 36 mins

Action • Adventure • Drama • Romance
Lew Landers
Allan Lane  •  Robert Barrat  •  Lionel Royce  •  J. Farrell MacDonald

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Allan Lane Steve Kendall
Robert Barrat Tio / Edwards
Lionel Royce Second Lieutenant
J. Farrell MacDonald Captain of the Falcon
Charley Foy Studs
Linda Hayes Nedra Carlson
Lester Matthews Gair - Henchman
Henry Brandon Carlson - Crewman
Wilhelm von Brincken Second-Mate Wilso
Solly Ward Dr. Fromm