The Long Shot (2004)

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Annie Garret is a young woman who moves with her irresponsible husband Ross and their seven-year-old daughter Taylor from Colorado to a ranch in northern California where Ross abandons them after he fails to land a job. With no money and no friends, and Taylor and Annie's prized racehorse, Tolo, to look after, Annie lands a job at a ranch hand and stable person at a stud farm owned by the stern Mary Lou O'Brien who is hiding some person demons of her own. Despite Annie's own setbacks in life, she decides to find an outing by entering her horse in a high-stakes riding competition. But when her horse goes blind from a race illness, Annie must struggle with her hardships to put the impossible to the test.

GENRES:  Drama • Family • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Georg Stanford Brown
CAST:  Julie Benz  •  Marsha Mason  •  Paul Le Mat  •  Gage Golightly

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Cast & Characters

Julie Benz Annie Garrett
Marsha Mason Mary Lou O'Brian
Paul Le Mat Guido Levits
Gage Golightly aylor Garrett
Robert Pine

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