The Making of 'Nightmare on Elm Street IV' (1989)

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Witness the behind-the-scenes techniques and gruesome special effects that dominate this box office hit! See through the mysteries of the slasher saga by watching brilliant direction from concept to actual filming, special make-up techniques, and all the mechanical devices used to produce the inherently terrifying nightmares. Starring Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger!

GENRES:  Documentary
DIRECTION:  Drew Cummings

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Cast & Characters

Robert Englund Himself / Freddy Krueger
Screaming Mad George Himself
Renny Harlin Himself
Wes Craven Himself
Tuesday Knight Kristen Parker
Lisa Wilcox Herself
Howard Berger Himself
Ken Sagoes Himself
Rachel Talalay Herself
Justin Klarenbeck Himself
Brooke Theiss Herself
Steve Johnson Himself

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