Chev Chelios, a hit man wanting to go straight, lets his latest target slip away. Then he awakes the next morning to a phone call that informs him he has been poisoned and has only an hour to live unless he keeps adrenaline coursing through his body while he searches for an antidote.

GENRES:  Action • Crime • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Mark Neveldine  •  Brian Taylor
CAST:  Jason Statham  •  Amy Smart  •  Efren Ramirez  •  Jose Pablo Cantillo

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Cast & Characters

Jason Statham Chev Chelios
Amy Smart Eve
Efren Ramirez Kaylo
Jose Pablo Cantillo Ricky Verona
Dwight Yoakam Doc Miles
Carlos Sanz Carlito
Reno Wilson Orlando
Edi Gathegi Haitian Cabbie
Glenn Howerton Doctor
Jay Xcala Alex
Keone Young Don Kim
Valarie Rae Miller Chocolate

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