Lighthouse (2000)

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A prison ship on its way to a remote island prison runs aground on rocks and sinks. Mixed survivors of cons and prison guards struggle ashore, only to discover to their horror that another survivor got there first - the murderous & psychotic Leo Rook. Stranded, with no means of escape or call for help, the survivors must face a night of terror as they struggle to survive.

GENRES:  Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Simon Hunter

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Cast & Characters

James Purefoy Richard Spader
Rachel Shelley Dr. Kirsty McCloud
Christopher Adamson Leo Rook
Paul Brooke Captain Campbell
Don Warrington Prison Officer Ian Goslet
Christopher Dunne Chief Prison Officer O'Neil (as Chris Dunne)
Bob Goody Weevil
Pat Kelman Spoons
Peter McCabe Prison Officer Hopkins
Norman Mitchell Brownlow
Howard Attfield Sykes
Jason Round Spitfield

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