Lizzie and Sarah (2010)

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Lizzie and Sarah are two fiftysomething suburban housewives, perpetually mistreated and ignored by unloving, selfish husbands. The highlight of their otherwise dull lives is their role in an amateur dramatic society, The Borking Players. In the aftermath of a tragic accident which causes the death of a popular local teenager, emotions run high, and following a dismal birthday lunch for Sarah, the two friends embark on a spur-of-the-moment shopping trip. As the day unfolds, they find a way to wreak their revenge.

DIRECTION:  Elliot Hegarty
CAST:  Jessica Hynes  •  Julia Davis  •  David Cann  •  Kevin Eldon

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Cast & Characters

Jessica Hynes Sarah/Ellie
Julia Davis Lizzie/Faith
David Cann John
Kevin Eldon Rick
Claire Rushbrook Fiona
Lilly Ainsworth Podge
Mark Heap Michael
Stephen Evans Barry
Pravin Sunwar Quarm
Jessica Gunning Branita
Amanda Rawnsley Shop Assistant

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