The Woman Who Loved Elvis (1993)

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It's 1982, and Midwestern housewife Joyce Jackson is obsessed with Elvis Presley; she's even used the King of Rock and Roll's inspiration to turn her house into a wacky shrine. Convinced Presley's still alive, Joyce concocts a plan to find and meet him, and enlists her on-again, off-again husband to help.

GENRES:  Drama • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Bill Bixby
CAST:  Roseanne Barr  •  Tom Arnold  •  Cynthia Gibb  •  Sally Kirkland

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Cast & Characters

Roseanne Barr Joyce Jackson
Tom Arnold Jack Jackson
Cynthia Gibb Emily Shaw
Sally Kirkland Sandee Sloop
Danielle Harris Priscilla 'Cilla' Jackson
Joe Guzaldo Howard Hanson
Kimberly Dal Santo Lisa Marie Jackson
W. Earl Brown Pete
Patrick Clear Ben Wilkes
Sam Derence Surgeon

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