Truth About Men (2010)

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Mads moves into a house with his lovely girlfriend Marie when a sudden pang of doubt strikes him. Is this the meaning of life? Has he lived out all his dreams? He drops everything, moves away from his girlfriend and throws himself into a desperate quest to live out his greatest dreams; a quest to find the meaning of life and the one and only.

Comedy • Drama
Nikolaj Arcel
Thure Lindhardt  •  Tuva Novotny  •  Rosalinde Mynster  •  Signe Egholm Olsen

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Thure Lindhardt Mads
Tuva Novotny Marie
Rosalinde Mynster Julie
Signe Egholm Olsen Louise
Henning Valin Jakobsen Peter
Karen-Lise Mynster Birthe
Kim Bodnia Johnny
Nicolas Bro Ulle
Jens Albinus Kunstfilm-mand
Anders W. Berthelsen Godsejerens søn / Himself
Nicolaj Kopernikus Indbrudstyv / Himself
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