Mr. Proudfoot Shows a Light (1941)

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Humorously using the arrogant and bumbling Mr. Proudfoot, this film serves a dual purpose of emphasizing the importance of obeying blackout hours, as well as easing the stress of the time period by encouraging laughter.

DIRECTION:  Herbert Mason
CAST:  Sydney Howard  •  Muriel George  •  Wylie Watson  •  Noel Dainton

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Cast & Characters

Sydney Howard Mr. Proudfoot
Muriel George Mrs. Proudfoot
Wylie Watson Friend
Noel Dainton Warden
Irene Handl Councillor
Aubrey Mallalieu Chairman
Percy Walsh Officer
Albert Lieven German
Manning Whiley German
G.H. Mulcaster RAF Officer
Michael Wilding RAF Officer
Arthur Denton

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