Little Boy Blue (1997)

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Living in rural Texas is a dysfunctional family: an abusive dad, a Vietnam vet with a war wound that's left him impotent; a compliant wife and a son of about 20, two small sons who look a lot like their brother. The dad harbors a secret, and he goes to murderous lengths to keep it hidden. The young man, Jimmy, who has suspicions, but little comes out until a Yankee woman comes to town.

GENRES:  Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Antonio Tibaldi
CAST:  Ryan Phillippe  •  Nastassja Kinski  •  John Savage  •  Shirley Knight

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Cast & Characters

Ryan Phillippe Jimmy West
Nastassja Kinski Kate West
John Savage Ray West
Shirley Knight Doris Knight
Tyrin Turner Nate Carr
Jenny Lewis Traci / Jimmy's girlfriend
Brent Jennings Tom
John Doman Andy Berg
Devon Michael Mark-Jimm / Danny's son
Kaitlin Hopkins Doris / Young
Dennis Letts Sgt. Phillips
Jerry Cotton Det. Fleaharty

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