Jake Blues, just released from prison, puts his old band back togther to save the Catholic home where he and his brother Elwood were raised.

GENRES:  Action • Comedy • Crime • Music
DIRECTION:  John Landis
CAST:  Dan Aykroyd  •  John Belushi  •  Cab Calloway  •  Carrie Fisher

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Cast & Characters

Dan Aykroyd Elwood Blues (as Elwood)
John Belushi 'Joliet' Jake Blues (as Jake)
Cab Calloway Curtis
Carrie Fisher Mystery Woman
Ray Charles Ray
James Brown Reverend Cleophus James
Aretha Franklin Mrs. Murphy
Steve Cropper Steve 'The Colonel' Cropper
Donald 'Duck' Dunn Donald 'Duck' Dunn
Murphy Dunne Murphy 'Murph' Dunne
Willie Hall Willie 'Too Big' Hall
John Candy Burton Mercer

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