My Student's Mom (2016)

Gyeong-soo and Jeong-min used to be the happiest couple in the world. However, Jeong-min is left home alone after her husband leaves to the regional area for a lengthy business trip. While she tries to deal with her lonely feelings, her son’s tutor Min-hyeok starts flirting with her hard. And although Jeong-min knows she shouldn’t, she starts being attracted to Min-hyeok more and more. Meanwhile, Gyeong-soo finds his place in a boarding house in the regional district and starts getting attracted to the owner of the board house, who is a single mother with a young daughter.

GENRES:  Romance
CAST:  Lee Soo-min-II  •  Park Hyun-jung  •  Kim Jin-seo  •  Park Do-jin

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Cast & Characters

Lee Soo-min-II Kyeong-soo (경수)
Park Hyun-jung Jeong-min (정민)
Kim Jin-seo Soo-jeong (수정)
Park Do-jin Min-hyeok (민혁)
Baek Se-ri Hyeon-joo (현주)
Kim Seok-ho Kang-woo (강우)
Han I-soo Hyo-in (효인)
Park Sya-ron Se-yeong (세영)
Song-bi Kang-woo's wife (강우부인)
Kim Hye-yeon Elevator woman (승강기녀)
Tae-seong Hyeon-joo's husband (현주남편)
Yoo Jong-hae Security guard (경비원)

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