Momster (2019)

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In order to evade the law, notorious bank robber the MOMSTER (Amanda Plummer) ditched her daughter Angel (Brianna Hildebrand) with a dangerous accomplice named Dallas (John Ennis) at his drug front roadside diner Wild Ride. Working as a drug dealing waitress on wheels, Angel befriends klutzy bus girl Rose (Ryan Simpkins) - who happens to be madly in love with Angel- but is distracted by daydreams that her mother will come rescue her so they can be the most illustrious mother/daughter bank robbing duo the world has ever known. But when the Momster shows up on Angel's birthday with more than one screw loose, it turns out Angel has to do the saving - Will Momster escape the cops again?

GENRES:  Action
DIRECTION:  Drew Denny

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Amanda Plummer Momster
Brianna Hildebrand Angel
Ryan Simpkins

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