Illegal boxing promoter Turkish convinces gangster Brick Top to offer bets on bare-knuckle boxer Mickey at his bookie business. When Mickey does not throw his first fight as agreed, an infuriated Brick Top demands another match. Meanwhile, gangster Frankie Four Fingers comes to place a bet for a friend with Brick Top's bookies, as multiple criminals converge on a stolen diamond that Frankie has come to London to sell.

GENRES:  Comedy • Crime
DIRECTION:  Guy Ritchie
CAST:  Jason Statham  •  Brad Pitt  •  Stephen Graham  •  Vinnie Jones

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Cast & Characters

Jason Statham Turkish
Brad Pitt Mickey O'Neil
Stephen Graham Tommy
Vinnie Jones Bullet Tooth Tony
Alan Ford Brick Top Polford
Dennis Farina Abraham 'Cousin Avi' Denovitz
Rade Šerbedžija Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov (as Rade Serbedgia)
Robbie Gee Vincent
Lennie James Sol
Benicio del Toro Franky Four Fingers
Mike Reid Doug 'The Head' Denovitz
Jason Flemyng Darren

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