The 10 Year Plan (2014)

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Myles and Brody are best friends with two very different ways of finding love. Displeased with their current love lives, they make a pact to be together if neither finds love in ten year’s time. Now two months shy of their deadline, both friends set off to do whatever it takes to avoid ending up as each other’s last resort.

GENRES:  Comedy • Romance
DIRECTION:  J.C. Calciano

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Cast & Characters

Adam Bucci Hunter
Michael Adam Hamilton Brody
Moronai Kanekoa Richard
Jack Turner Myles
Teri Reeves Diane
Michael Rothhaar Neighbor
Debra Wilson Minister
Ben Palacios Walter
Trevor Kuhn Raul
Jesse Welch Jesse
Cedric Jonathan Cedric
Josh Wise Stu

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