Boys in Brown (1949)

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Jackie lives in poverty with his widowed mother. In a bid to escape poverty he gets involved in a robbery that sees him sentenced to three years in Borstal where he meets a tough crowd, tougher than anything on the outside.

GENRES:  Crime
DIRECTION:  Montgomery Tully
CAST:  Dirk Bogarde  •  Richard Attenborough  •  Jack Warner  •  Jimmy Hanley

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Cast & Characters

Dirk Bogarde Alfie Rawlins
Richard Attenborough Jackie Knowles
Jack Warner Governor
Jimmy Hanley Bill Foster
Barbara Murray Kitty Hurst
Andrew Crawford Casey
Patrick Holt Tigson
Thora Hird Mrs. Knowles
Michael Medwin Alf "Sparrow" Thompson
John Blythe Bossy Phillips
Alfie Bass Basher Walker
Elspeth March Mrs. Smith

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