Circus Island (2006)

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In this light-hearted family adventure, 15-year-old Gabrielle runs away from home to find her dead-beat dad, who is a trapeze flyer living on a tropical island. Together, they turn the island into a circus camp for teens. It is a family circus in more ways than one. Danger, tears, love, and laughter: It all happens under the big top!

GENRES:  Family
DIRECTION:  Audrey Landers  •  Judy Landers
CAST:  Ed Marinaro  •  Audrey Landers  •  Judy Landers  •  Lindsey Landers

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Cast & Characters

Ed Marinaro Carlos Carrera
Audrey Landers Lena Anderson
Judy Landers Jenny Carrera
Lindsey Landers Gabrielle Anderson
Kristy Landers Mandy Carrera
Daniel Landers Berkowitz Tucker Carrera
Adam Landers Berkowitz Tyler Carrera

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