A Perfect Ending (2012)

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This intimate drama follows Rebecca, a woman who has kept her sexuality a secret from her friends but chooses to reveal it to a stranger. While Rebecca's revelations may not yield the results she expects, a perfect ending is still in reach.

GENRES:  Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Nicole Conn
CAST:  Barbara Niven  •  Jessica Clark  •  John Heard  •  Morgan Fairchild

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Cast & Characters

Barbara Niven Rebecca Westridge
Jessica Clark Paris
John Heard Mason Westridge
Morgan Fairchild Valentina
Rebecca Staab Sylvie
Kerry Knuppe Jessica Westridge
Imelda Corcoran Kelly
Mary Jane Wells Shirin
Michael Adam Hamilton Aaron Westridge
Bryan Mordechai Jackson Hank Westridge
Gloria Gifford Sharon
Marc Crumpton Jared

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