Venus and Mars (2015)

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When an attack on a Palmerston North fraud detective made headlines in October 1996, the New Zealand public followed the media reports with fascination. They read like a plot of a Hollywood film or detective novel. Poison pen letters, satanic worship, a police hate crime, and a mysterious and violent pyromaniac. But little did the public know that as the truth emerged, the story was going to get far more bizarre, and the police would turn the focus of their investigation on one of their own.

GENRES:  Drama • TV movie
DIRECTION:  John Laing  •  John Banas
CAST:  Craig Hall  •  Ande Cunningham  •  Sara Wiseman  •  Paul McLaughlin

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Cast & Characters

Craig Hall Grant Nicholls
Ande Cunningham Brent Garner
Sara Wiseman Sue Stewart
Paul McLaughlin Doug Brew
Joel Tobeck Bruce
Holly Shanahan Sandra Garner
Rachael Blampied Helen Nicholls
Will Hall Jack Scanlon
Jared Turner Marty Bruce
Toby Leach Andy Nicholls
Mark Warren Dave White
Brooke Williams Caroline Blake

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