Consumed (2015)

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When Sophie's son, Garrett, develops a mysterious illness, she embarks on a search for answers. This leads her into the controversial world of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) where a sociopolitical battle rages between organic farmers and big biotech corporations. As her desperation grows, so too does her quest for knowledge. And the deeper she goes, a more heightened sense of danger develops that preys on her state of mind, as she attempts to discover the root cause of her son's illness.

GENRES:  Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Daryl Wein
CAST:  Zoe Lister-Jones  •  Victor Garber  •  Beth Grant  •  Taylor Kinney

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Cast & Characters

Zoe Lister-Jones Sophie Kessler
Victor Garber Dan Conway
Beth Grant Kristin Kessler
Taylor Kinney Eddie
Kunal Nayyar Serge Negani
Anthony Edwards Jacob Liefman
Griffin Dunne Peter
Danny Glover Hal Westbrook
Elizabeth Marvel Connie Conway
Chelcie Ross Senator Bob McHenry
Nick Bonn Garrett Kessler
Tim Hopper Jeff Paul

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