Testosterone: Volume Four (2019)

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Volume Four of this sexy collection of the hottest gay short films around. This collection takes us from a blossoming love in a one-bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv, to the paranoid jealousy that comes with your first relationship, to a visually poetic work of ethereal movement and dance. A comedy about the fantasies of a hunky repairman and a thriller about a one-night stand where nothing is as it seems. The 5 shorts include: Faces (2019); Fish Tank (2018); Rubber Dolphin [דולפין מגומי] (2018); The Handyman (2019); Writhing (2018).

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama • Fantasy • Romance • Thriller
DIRECTION:  J.C. Calciano  •  Robert John Torres  •  Neal Mulani  •  Ori Aharon  •  Ben Empey

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Cast & Characters

Chen Hefetz (Rubber Dolphin)
Omri Laron (Rubber Dolphin)
Matt Pascua Ryan (Faces)
Christopher Charles Baker Nathan 1 (Faces)
Michael Benjamin Nathan 2 (Faces)
T.J. Slipko Partygoer 1 (Faces)
Logan Allison Partygoer 2 (Faces)
Danny Plotner Partygoer 3 (Faces)
Reed Alvarado Everett (Writhing)
Keanu Uchida Humanoid Figure (Writhing)
Elizabeth B. Bates Lainey (Writhing)
Robert John Torres Counselor (Writhing)

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