BlackJacks (2014)

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After losing contact with a clandestine energy-research facility, a powerful venture capitalist contracts an elite team of operatives to retrieve the physicist who holds the key to an unprecedented alternate energy source.

GENRES:  Action • Science Fiction • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Nicolas Mezzanatto
CAST:  Eric Roberts  •  Kristina Anapau  •  James C. Burns  •  Tina Casciani

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Cast & Characters

Eric Roberts Mr Cromwell
Kristina Anapau Lisa Westbrook
James C. Burns Lewis Locke 'Locke'
Tina Casciani Sarah
Courtney Compton Journalist
Jose Luis Cordovez Chechen Terrorist
Roark Critchlow Dr. Whitmore
Josh Daugherty Edward Cox 'Ed'
Angel McCord Donowho Allison Whitmore
Brett Donowho Vincent Hightower 'V'
Danny James Creature
Rich McDonald Jonathan Gates

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