Heidi and Peter (1955)

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Heidi lives with Alp-Öhi n the Swiss Alps in the summer, where she helps Peter tend the goats. In winter, she stays in the village and attends school. One day, a letter arrives from Heidi's German friend, Klara Sesemann, announcing her visit. Klara indeed appears the next summer along with her grandmother and the prim governess Miss Rottenmeyer. Klara is quickly convinced to stay with Heidi, but Peter becomes resentful that Heidi now spends so little time with him...

Drama • Family
Franz Schnyder
Heinrich Gretler  •  Elsbeth Sigmund  •  Thomas Klameth  •  Margrit Rainer

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Heinrich Gretler Alp-Öhi
Elsbeth Sigmund Heidi
Thomas Klameth Geissenpeter
Margrit Rainer Peters Mutter
Isa Günther Klara Sesemann
Willy Birgel Herr Sesemann
Traute Carlsen Klaras Grossmutter
Anita Mey Fräulein Rottenmeyer
Theo Lingen Sebastian