Pretty Smart (1987)

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In this adolescent-oriented drama, a young woman is forced to attend a posh finishing school in the Mediterranean. She vents her anger by rebelling against the cruel and sicko headmaster. When she discovers that he has been secretly photographing them naked and profiting from the pictures, she rallies the other girls and gets revenge.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Dimitri Logothetis

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Cast & Characters

Tricia Leigh Fisher
Patricia Arquette
Lisa Lörient Jennifer Ziegler
Joely Fisher
Dennis Cole Richard Crawley
Julie K. Smith
Kimberly B. Delfin Yuko
Paris Vaughan Torch
Kim Waltrip Sara Gentry
Brad Zutaut Alexis
Elizabeth Davis Diane
Richard Svare Mr. Abercrombie

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