EMR (2004)

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Englishman Adam regains full consciousness after a seizure - tens of thousands of miles from home - only to discover that someone has surgically extracted one of his kidneys. All roads lead to a shady drug company called Phenal, which Adam believes is plotting against him, systematically. As Adam's paranoia builds, he realizes that no one around him can be fully trusted.

GENRES:  Thriller
DIRECTION:  James Erskine  •  Danny McCullough
CAST:  Adam Leese  •  Whitney Cummings  •  Anthony Azizi  •  George Calil

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Cast & Characters

Adam Leese Adam Jones
Whitney Cummings Cyber Bunny Lilly
Anthony Azizi Paramedic
George Calil Agent 6
Gil Bellows Paramedic
Tom Hardy Henry

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