Bird on a Wire (1990)

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An FBI informant has kept his new identity secret for 15 years. Now an old flame has recognised him, and the bad guys are back for revenge.

GENRES:  Action • Adventure • Comedy • Romance
DIRECTION:  John Badham
CAST:  Mel Gibson  •  Goldie Hawn  •  Joan Severance  •  David Carradine

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Cast & Characters

Mel Gibson Rick Jarmin
Goldie Hawn Marianne Graves
Joan Severance Rachel Varney
David Carradine Eugene Sorensen
Stephen Tobolowsky Joe Weyburn
Harry Caesar Marvin
Jeff Corey Lou Baird
Alex Bruhanski Raun
Bill Duke Albert
Jackson Davies Paul Bernard
Florence Paterson Molly Baird
Lossen Chambers Lossen

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