Fate of a Man (1959)

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The story of a man (Andrey Sokolov) whose life was ruthlessly crippled by World War II. His wife and daughters were killed during the bombing of his village, he spent some time as a prisoner, and his only son was killed in action only a few days before the victory...

GENRES:  Drama • War
DIRECTION:  Sergey Bondarchuk

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Cast & Characters

Sergey Bondarchuk Sokolov
Zinaida Kirienko Irina
Pavel Volkov Ivan
Lev Borisov
Pavel Polunin Vanya
Yuri Averin Mueller (the commandant of a concentration camp)
Kirill Alekseev german major
Pavel Winnick Soviet colonel
Anatoli Chemodurov Soviet colonel
Alexander Novikov a devout soldier
Viktor Markin captive surgeon

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