The Ballad of Tam Lin (1970)

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Based upon the Celtic legend Tam Lin, a young man is bewitched by a beautiful, heartless, aging sorceress to become her lover. When his attention wanders to a lovely girl, he is doomed to ritual sacrifice by the sorceress.

GENRES:  Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Roddy McDowall
CAST:  Ava Gardner  •  Ian McShane  •  Richard Wattis  •  Cyril Cusack

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Cast & Characters

Ava Gardner Michaela Cazaret
Ian McShane Tom Lynn
Richard Wattis Elroy
Cyril Cusack Vicar Julian Ainsley
Stephanie Beacham Janet Ainsley
David Whitman Oliver
Fabia Drake Miss Gibson
Sinéad Cusack Rose (as Sinead Cusack)
Joanna Lumley Georgia
Jenny Hanley Caroline
Madeline Smith Sue
Bruce Robinson Alan

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