Dark Whispers - Volume 1 (2019)

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When Clara discovers her deceased mother’s revered ‘Book of Dark Whispers’, she can’t stop reading the strange stories within its mystical pages. Each weird tale reveals a new facet of the twisted human psyche… or the not-so-human, as the case may be. From the horror of grief to sharehouse living disaster, from existential dread to right-swiping vampires, there’s something for all tastes; as long as those tastes are twisted!

GENRES:  Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Jub Clerc  •  Isabel Peppard  •  Kaitlin Tinker  •  Megan Riakos  •  Marion Pilowsky  •  Briony Kidd  •  Madeleine Purdy  •  Lucy Gouldthorpe  •  Katrina Irawati Graham  •  Janine Hewitt

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Cast & Characters

Andrea Demetriades Clara
Anthony LaPaglia Driver
Asher Keddie Zoe
Bree Desborough Angela
Ed Speleers Student

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