A bizarre case of ghoul takes place in a distant village of Thung Ma Horn. That is why the official decides to send a skilled police officer like 'Satjathorn'​ to investigate the truth along with 'Buk Keam'. Even though Satjathorn is very reluctant to travel this time Because of the rumors that happened.

GENRES:  Adventure • Comedy • Horror
DIRECTION:  Chalerm Wongpim

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Cast & Characters

Paitoon Pumrat หมวดศัจธร
Arthit Somnoi Keam
Akom Preedakul หลวงพี่แข่ว
Apapat Suksawatchon Wueng
Yuttana Puangklang บักมิด
Kittisuk Vechprasarn Nham
Chookiat Iamsook Ko Tek
Chatchai Jamneankul

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