Spring Meeting (1941)

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Tiny Fox-Collier and her son, Tony, are broke. A cheery and handsome young man about town, Tony knows he can rely on his mother for a brainwave to save them from utter destitution. This she has: a visit is scheduled to the Irish country estate of her old flame Sir Richard Furze, now a wealthy widower with two daughters. But while Tiny is determined to see her son marry the beautiful but haughty Joan, it seems Tony only has eyes for Joan’s spirited younger sister, Baby.

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  Norman Lee  •  Walter C. Mycroft

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Cast & Characters

Enid Stamp-Taylor Tiny Fox-Collier
Michael Wilding Tony Fox-Collier
Basil Sydney James
Sarah Churchill Joan Furze
Nova Pilbeam Baby Furze
W.G. Fay Johnny
Margaret Rutherford Aunt Bijou
Henry Edwards Sir Richard Furze
Hugh McDermott Michael Byrne

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