It! (1966)

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After a warehouse fire, museum director Groof and assistant Pimm find everything destroyed, only one statue withstood the fire mysteriously undamaged. Suddenly Groof is lying dead on the ground, killed by the statue? Pimm finds out that the cursed statue has been created by Rabbi Loew in 16th century and will withstand every human attempt to destroy it. Pimm decides to use it to his own advantage.

GENRES:  Horror
DIRECTION:  Herbert J. Leder
CAST:  Roddy McDowall  •  Jill Haworth  •  Paul Maxwell  •  Aubrey Richards

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Cast & Characters

Roddy McDowall Arthur Pimm
Jill Haworth Ellen Grove
Paul Maxwell Jim Perkins
Aubrey Richards Prof. Weal
Ernest Clark Harold Grove
Oliver Johnston Curator Trimingham
Noel Trevarthen Insp. White
Ian McCulloch Detective Wayne
Richard Goolden The Old Rabbi
Dorothy Frere Miss Swanson

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