Ships with Wings (1941)

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Before the war, a Fleet Air Arm pilot is dismissed for causing the death of a colleague. Working for a small Greek airline when the Germans invade Greece, he gets a chance to redeem himself and rejoin his old unit on a British carrier. This is regarded the last of the conventional, rather stiff 1930th style Ealing war films, to be succeeded by much more realism and better storytelling.

GENRES:  Drama • War
DIRECTION:  Sergei Nolbandov
CAST:  John Clements  •  Leslie Banks  •  Jane Baxter  •  Ann Todd

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Cast & Characters

John Clements Lt. Dick Stacey
Leslie Banks Vice Adm. David Wetherby
Jane Baxter Celia Wetherby
Ann Todd Kay Gordon
Basil Sydney Capt. Fairfax
Edward Chapman Papadopoulos
Hugh Williams Wagner
Frank Pettingell Fields
Michael Wilding Lieut. Grant
Michael Rennie Lieut. Maxwell
Cecil Parker German Air Marshal
John Stuart Commdr. Hood

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