A Different Loyalty (2004)

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In January 1963, British journalist Leo Cauffield suddenly disappears from his home in Beirut. His wife Sally knew that he was working part-time for British intelligence, but was not prepared to be told by the British embassy that they suspect he has defected to Communist Russia. As his wife puts together the pieces of the mysterious jigsaw of the past, tracking her passionate relationship with her husband and his history as former head of MI6’s counter-espionage section, her relentless search for the truth takes her to London, New York and finally Moscow.

GENRES:  Action • Drama • Mystery • Romance • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Marek Kanievska
CAST:  Sharon Stone  •  Rupert Everett  •  Julian Wadham  •  Michael Cochrane

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Cast & Characters

Sharon Stone Sally Tyler / Cauffield
Rupert Everett Leo Cauffield
Julian Wadham Andrew Darcy
Michael Cochrane Dick Madsen
Anne Lambton Cynthia Cauffield
Richard McMillan Angus Petherbridge
Mimi Kuzyk Leslie Quennell
Emily VanCamp Jen Tyler
Tamara Hope Lucy Cauffield
Mark Rendall Oliver Cauffield
Damir Andrei Aleksi
John Bourgeois Paul Tyler

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