Der Doppelgänger (1985)

Romantic comedy about a series of mix-ups. Brigitte Kaufmann wants to divorce her husband Jörg who is an engineer and chief executive of an electronics company – and a hopeless pedant. Benno, a former boy friend of Brigitte, has a slightly bizarre idea how they could save their marriage. A piano player, whom Benno has seen in a bar, and who looks exactly like Jörg, is asked to work his charms on Brigitte and to try to dissuade her from divorce while Jörg is on a business trip. Piano player Engel agrees on the plan and acts as Jörg at home with Brigitte as well as in Jörg′s workplace.

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  Werner W. Wallroth

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Cast & Characters

Klaus-Dieter Klebsch Jörg Kaufmann / Pianist Engel
Astrid Höschel Brigitte Kaufmann
Peter Sodann Benno
Karin Ugowski Nora
Fritz Decho Bärtiger Kollege
Fred Delmare Taxifahrer
Arnim Mühlstädt Möbelträger
Ulrike Mai
Werner Ehrlicher
Andrea Meissner
Helmut Schreiber
Gertraud Last

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