Cool World (1992)

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Jack Deebs is a cartoonist who is due to be released from jail. His comic book "Cool World" describes a zany world populated by "doodles" (cartoon characters) and "noids" (humanoids). What Jack didn't realize is that Cool World really does exist, and a "doodle" scientist has just perfected a machine which links Cool World with our world. Intrigued at seeing his creating come to life, Jack is nonetheless wary as he knows that not everything in Cool World is exactly friendly.

GENRES:  Animation • Comedy • Fantasy
DIRECTION:  Ralph Bakshi
CAST:  Kim Basinger  •  Gabriel Byrne  •  Brad Pitt  •  Michele Abrams

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Cast & Characters

Kim Basinger Holli Would
Gabriel Byrne Jack Deebs
Brad Pitt Detective Frank Harris
Michele Abrams Jennifer Malley
Deirdre O'Connell Isabelle Malley
Janni Brenn Agatha Rose Harris (as Janni Brenn-Lowen)
William Frankfather Cop
Greg Collins Cop
Maurice LaMarche Interrogator #2 / Mash / drunken bar patron / Dr. Vincent "Vegas Vinnie" Whiskers / Jack Deebs ...
Michael David Lally Sparks (voice)
Carrie Hamilton Comic Bookstore Cashier
Stephen Worth Bash (performance model) / Comic Store Patron

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