Speed Zone (1989)

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An illegal race that takes place over the United States and nothing will stop this bunch of racers except for the occasional cop or a damsel in distress. Jackie Chan's car is not in this one, but many new cars make up for that. Who will win? Who will crash? Who will not even finish? Sit down and buckle up for the ride of your life.

GENRES:  Comedy
CAST:  John Candy  •  Donna Dixon  •  Matt Frewer  •  Joe Flaherty

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Cast & Characters

John Candy Charlie Cronan
Donna Dixon Tiffany
Matt Frewer Alec Stewart
Joe Flaherty Vic DeRubis
Lee Van Cleef Rock-Skipping Grandfather
Peter Boyle Police Chief Spiro T. Edsel
Brooke Shields Stewardess
Eugene Levy Leo Ross
Alyssa Milano Lurleen
Tim Matheson Jack O'Neill
Mimi Kuzyk Heather Scott
Melody Anderson Lea Roberts

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