A Conspiracy of Love (1987)

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A woman's husband apparently has deserted her and their daughter. So she decides to get on with her life which might include dissolving their union and seeing someone else. However, her in-laws, her husband's parents feel that she's acting very hastily, so she leaves their home with her daughter whom they love very much. She decides to limit their access to her daughter, but grandfather and granddaughter see each other on the sly.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Noel Black

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Cast & Characters

Drew Barrymore Jody Woldarski
Elizabeth Wilson Lilly Woldarski
Robert Young Joe Woldarski
Glynnis O'Connor Marcia Woldarski
John Fujioka Nakamura
Alan Fawcett Joe Woldarski Jr.
Mitchell Laurance Jack Windom

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