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Curse of the Blair Witch (1999) RT Audience 64%

DVD release: Oct 1999

Curse of the Blair Witch is a documentary about the Blair Witch legend and the three filmmakers who disappeared in October of 1999. It first aired on the Sci-Fi Channel on ...  (more)

GENRES: Documentary • Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Eduardo Sánchez  •  Daniel Myrick
CAST:  Frank Pastor  •  Rachel Braaten  •  Randy Campbell  •  Dottie Corrigan

The Blair Witch Project (1999) RT 86% / Audience 55%

DVD release: Oct 1999

In October of 1994 three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary. A year later their footage was found.  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Mystery
DIRECTION:  Eduardo Sánchez  •  Daniel Myrick
CAST:  Heather Donahue  •  Joshua Leonard  •  Michael C. Williams  •  Bob Griffith

V/H/S/2 (2013) RT 70% / Audience 51%

DVD release: Sep 2013

Inside a darkened house looms a column of TVs littered with VHS tapes, a pagan shrine to forgotten analog gods. The screens crackle and pop endlessly with monochrome vistas of ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Gareth Evans  •  Eduardo Sánchez  •  Timo Tjahjanto  •  Adam Wingard  •  Simon Barrett  •  Jason Eisener  •  Gregg Hale
CAST:  Adam Wingard  •  Lawrence Michael Levine  •  Kelsy Abbott  •  Hannah Hughes

Lovely Molly (2012) RT 41% / Audience 32%

DVD release: Aug 2012

Newlywed Molly moves into her deceased father's house in the countryside, where painful memories soon begin to haunt her.  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Eduardo Sánchez
CAST:  Gretchen Lodge  •  Johnny Lewis  •  Alexandra Holden  •  Ken Arnold

Seventh Moon (2008) RT Audience 23%

DVD release: Oct 2009

Melissa and Yul, Americans honeymooning in China, come across the exotic 'Hungry Ghost' festival. When night falls, the couple end up in a remote village, and soon realize the ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror
DIRECTION:  Eduardo Sánchez
CAST:  Dennis Chan  •  Tim Chiou  •  Amy Smart

Altered (2006) RT Audience 43%

DVD release: Dec 2006

Fifteen years ago, a group of men's lives were forever changed by a strange occurrence. Now, the same group of men will spend a night together ... in terror.  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Science Fiction • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Eduardo Sánchez
CAST:  Adam Kaufman  •  Brad William Henke  •  Misty Rosas  •  Paul McCarthy-Boyington

Exists (2014) RT 33% / Audience 29%

DVD release: Feb 2015

A group of friends who venture into the remote Texas woods for a party weekend find themselves stalked by Bigfoot.  (more)

GENRES: Horror
DIRECTION:  Eduardo Sánchez
CAST:  Brian Steele  •  Denise Williamson  •  Samuel Davis  •  Roger Edwards

Papitour (2007)

Three-time Latin Grammy nominee Miguel Bosé celebrates 30 years of making music in a landmark concert held in Spain's Plaza de Toros de las Ventas. With the help of special ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Carlos Sánchez  •  Eduardo Sánchez
CAST:  Miguel Bosé  •  Bimba Bosé  •  Ana Torroja  •  Leonor Watling

The Woods Movie (2015)

A look back at the making of the seminal found footage horror film.  (more)

GENRES: Documentary
DIRECTION:  Russell Gomm
CAST:  Eduardo Sánchez  •  Daniel Myrick  •  Gregg Hale

The Shark Is Still Working (2007)

After three decades, Jaws continues to intrigue, thrill and frighten viewers. This documentary focuses on the many ways Jaws has helped to shape common elements of pop culture  (more)

GENRES: Documentary
DIRECTION:  Erik Hollander
CAST:  Richard Dreyfuss  •  Carl Gottlieb  •  Gregory Nicotero  •  Robert Rodriguez

Young Man at the Bar Masturbating with Rage and Nerve (2015)

Dance and prostitution play the same role for Cristhian’s body. Virtuosity, desire, technique, and sex intertwine, granting coherence to a way of life that offers many answers ...  (more)

GENRES: Documentary
DIRECTION:  Julián Hernández
CAST:  Cristhian Rodríguez  •  Akram  •  Saúl Sánchez  •  Javier Oliván

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