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Léon: The Professional (1994)

Leon, the top hit man in New York, has earned a rep as an effective "cleaner". But when his next-door neighbors are wiped out by a loose-cannon DEA agent, he becomes the ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Luc Besson
CAST:  Jean Reno  •  Natalie Portman  •  Gary Oldman  •  Danny Aiello

Little Shop of Horrors (1986) RT 90% / Audience 79%

DVD release: May 2000

Seymour Krelborn is a nerdy orphan working at Mushnik's, a flower shop in urban Skid Row. He harbors a crush on fellow co-worker Audrey Fulquard, and is berated by Mr. Mushnik ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Horror • Music
CAST:  Rick Moranis  •  Ellen Greene  •  Vincent Gardenia  •  Steve Martin

Pump Up the Volume (1990) RT 79% / Audience 84%

DVD release: Dec 1999

Mark Hunter is an intelligent but shy teenager who has just moved to suburban Arizona from New York. Unbeknownst to his parents and peers, at 10pm each school night Mark takes ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Music
DIRECTION:  Allan Moyle
CAST:  Christian Slater  •  Andy Romano  •  Keith Stuart Thayer  •  Cheryl Pollak

Talk Radio (1988) RT 82% / Audience 81%

DVD release: Oct 2000

A rude, contemptuous talk show host becomes overwhelmed by the hatred that surrounds his program just before it goes national.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Oliver Stone
CAST:  Eric Bogosian  •  Ellen Greene  •  Leslie Hope  •  John C. McGinley

The Cooler (2003) RT 77% / Audience 70%

DVD release: Apr 2004

Bernie works at a Las Vegas casino, where he uses his innate ability to bring about misfortune in those around him to jinx gamblers into losing. His imposing boss, Shelly ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Wayne Kramer
CAST:  William H. Macy  •  Alec Baldwin  •  Maria Bello  •  Shawn Hatosy

The Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult (1994)

Frank Drebin is persuaded out of retirement to go undercover in a state prison. There he is to find out what top terrorist, Rocco, has planned for when he escapes. Frank's ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Crime
DIRECTION:  Peter Segal
CAST:  Leslie Nielsen  •  Priscilla Presley  •  O. J. Simpson  •  Anna Nicole Smith

Wagons East! (1994) RT Audience 31%

DVD release: Jun 2002

After the 1860s Wild West, a group of misfit settlers - including ex-doctor Phil Taylor, prostitute Belle, and homosexual bookseller Julian - decide they cannot live in their ...  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Comedy • Western
DIRECTION:  Peter Markle
CAST:  Joe Bays  •  Abraham Benrubi  •  Jill Boyd  •  John Candy

One Fine Day (1996) RT 47% / Audience 66%

DVD release: Jan 2002

Melanie Parker, an architect and mother of Sammy, and Jack Taylor, a newspaper columnist and father of Maggie, are both divorced. They meet one morning when overwhelmed Jack ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Romance
DIRECTION:  Michael Hoffman
CAST:  Michelle Pfeiffer  •  George Clooney  •  Mae Whitman  •  Alex D. Linz

Love Object (2003) RT 42% / Audience 57%

DVD release: Jul 2004

The twisted tale of Kenneth, socially insecure technical writer who forms an obsessive relationship with "Nikki", an anatomically accurate silicone sex doll he orders over the ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama • Horror • Romance • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Robert Parigi
CAST:  Desmond Harrington  •  Melissa Sagemiller  •  Udo Kier  •  Rip Torn

Glory! Glory! (1989)

A rock singer revives a failing TV ministry, but the cost may be high when she falls for a reporter planning an exposé.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Lindsay Anderson
CAST:  Ellen Greene  •  James Whitmore  •  Richard Thomas

States of Control (1997) RT 60% / Audience 0%

DVD release: Oct 2001

A provocative and honest journey deep into the world of a woman determined to buck the sterility of modern life. (Or, a bunch of ennui-ridden hooey. You decide.)  (more)

DIRECTION:  Zachary Winestine
CAST:  Jennifer Van Dyck  •  Stephen Bogardus  •  John Cunningham  •  Ellen Greene

Me and Him (1988)

A man's enthusiastic penis starts talking to him, getting him into awkward situations and convincing everyone he tells that he's completely insane.  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
DIRECTION:  Doris Dörrie
CAST:  Griffin Dunne  •  Ellen Greene  •  Kelly Bishop  •  Carey Lowell

Jaded (1998) RT Audience 29%

DVD release: Jan 2000

When an innocent young girl finds herself befriended by two sexy, uninhibited girls at a small-town bar, she discovers that they have more planned than just a party-and she's ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Caryn Krooth
CAST:  Carla Gugino  •  Aida Turturro  •  Catherine Dent  •  Christopher McDonald

Sex and a Girl (2001) RT Audience 59%

DVD release: Oct 2005

A girl in the 1970s dreams of becoming a ballerina while struggling with the divorce of her kooky parents.  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Drew Ann Rosenberg
CAST:  Angela Gots  •  Robert Hays  •  Ellen Greene  •  Lynnda Ferguson

Mystery Woman: Sing Me a Murder (2005) RT Audience 50%

DVD release: Dec 2006

Murder is something to sing about when Mystery Woman Samantha Kinsey-an expert in pulp fiction, and increasingly proficient when it comes to real-life crime-untangles a ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Stephen Bridgewater
CAST:  Kellie Martin  •  Clarence Williams III  •  Nina Siemaszko  •  Casey Sander

Fielder's Choice (2005) RT Audience 50%

DVD release: Mar 2006

Phillip Fielder is a man who is struggling to rise up in his competitive career. Then his sister passes away leaving him custody of her 8 year old autistic son. Soon Fielder ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Family • TV movie
CAST:  George Segal  •  Chad Lowe  •  Marin Hinkle  •  Bodhi Elfman

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can (1982) RT Audience 46%

DVD release: Jun 2005

An adaptation of Barbara Gordon's nonfiction account of her addiction to Valium.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Jack Hofsiss
CAST:  Jill Clayburgh  •  Nicol Williamson  •  Dianne Wiest  •  Joe Pesci

Killer: A Journal Of Murder (1996) RT Audience 45%

DVD release: Aug 1997

Carl Panzram is sent to Leavenworth Prison for burglary. While there, he is brutally beaten by a guard. Neophyte guard Henry Lesser feels sympathy for Panzram, befriends him, ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Tim Metcalfe
CAST:  James Woods  •  Robert Sean Leonard  •  Cara Buono  •  Ellen Greene

The Magic of Herself the Elf (1983)

Herself must stop an evil king from upsetting the balance of nature in this animated adventure.  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Family • Fantasy • Music
DIRECTION:  Raymond Jafelice
CAST:  Priscilla Lopez  •  Ellen Greene  •  Denny Dillon  •  Georgia Engel

Fathers & Sons (1992) RT Audience 22%

DVD release: Sep 1993

A beach runner and bookworm (Goldblum) has difficulty communicating with his son. He meets a psychic on a pier at the beach and soon his world turns topsy-turvy with a serial ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Paul Mones
CAST:  Jeff Goldblum  •  Rory Cochrane  •  Famke Janssen  •  Mitchell Marchand