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All the Right Moves (1983) RT 53% / Audience 39%

DVD release: Mar 2002

Sensitive study of a headstrong high school football star who dreams of getting out of his small Western Pennsylvania steel town with a football scholarship. His equally ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Michael Chapman
CAST:  Tom Cruise  •  Craig T. Nelson  •  Lea Thompson  •  Charles Cioffi

Hardcore (1979) RT 85% / Audience 67%

DVD release: Sep 2004

A conservative Midwest businessman ventures into the sordid underworld of pornography in California to look for his runaway teenage daughter who is making porno films in the ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Paul Schrader
CAST:  George C. Scott  •  Peter Boyle  •  Season Hubley  •  Dick Sargent

H.P. Lovecraft's: Necronomicon (1993)

H.P. Lovecraft anthology is divided into four segments: "The Library" which is the wraparound segment involving Lovecraft's research into the Book of The Dead and his ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror
DIRECTION:  Christophe Gans  •  Brian Yuzna  •  Shusuke Kaneko
CAST:  Jeffrey Combs  •  Bruce Payne  •  Belinda Bauer  •  Richard Lynch

Robot Jox (1989) RT Audience 40%

DVD release: Oct 2005

50 years after a nuclear war, the two superpowers handle territorial disputes in a different way. Each fields a giant robot to fight one-on-one battles in official matches, ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Stuart Gordon
CAST:  Gary Graham  •  Anne-Marie Johnson  •  Paul Koslo  •  Robert Sampson

The Hollywood Knights (1980) RT 20% / Audience 72%

DVD release: May 2000

Led by their comedic and pranking leader, Newbomb Turk, the Hollywood Knights car gang raise hell throughout Beverly Hills on Halloween Night, 1965. Everything from drag ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
DIRECTION:  Floyd Mutrux
CAST:  Robert Wuhl  •  Tony Danza  •  Fran Drescher  •  Michelle Pfeiffer

Steel (1997) RT 12% / Audience 15%

DVD release: Feb 1998

Justice. Safe streets. Payback. Metallurgist John Henry Irons (O'Neal) vows to claim them all when a renegade military reject (Judd Nelson) puts new superweapons in dangerous ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Adventure • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Kenneth Johnson
CAST:  Shaquille O'Neal  •  Annabeth Gish  •  Richard Roundtree  •  Judd Nelson

Fire on the Mountain (1981) RT Audience 33%

DVD release: Apr 2003

Fire on the Mountain is a 1981 made-for-television movie adaptation of the Edward Abbey novel, Fire on the Mountain, directed by Donald Wrye and starring Buddy Ebsen as John ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Donald Wrye
CAST:  Buddy Ebsen  •  Ron Howard  •  Julie Carmen  •  Rossie Harris

The Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission (1987)

Learning of a Nazi plot to attack Washington, D.C. with a deadly nerve gas, Major Wright leads twelve convicts on a suicide mission deep into occupied France to destroy the ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • War
DIRECTION:  Lee H. Katzin
CAST:  Telly Savalas  •  Ernest Borgnine  •  Vince Edwards  •  Bo Svenson

Dreams Awake (2011) RT Audience 60%

While on vacation a disconnected family gets stranded near mystical Mt. Shasta and gets more than they could have ever bargained for. A family drama grows into a spiritual ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Jerry Alden Deal
CAST:  Erin Gray  •  Gary Graham  •  Tim O'Connor  •  Najarra Townsend

The Arrogant (1988)

DVD release: Jan 1995

The Arrogant is a 1987 action-thriller directed, written, and produced by Philippe Blot. This film stars Gary Graham and Sylvia Kristel, Giovanni and Julie, as two strangers ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Crime • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Philippe Blot
CAST:  Sylvia Kristel  •  Gary Graham  •  Leigh Wood  •  Joe Condon

The Last Warrior (1989) RT Audience 20%

DVD release: Jun 2004

Stranded on a deserted Pacific island during the Second World War an American and Japanese soldier battle it out in this exciting war-time drama.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Martin Wragge
CAST:  Gary Graham  •  Maria Holvoe  •  Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

No Place to Hide (1981)

Amy is the Mannings only daughter. After the death of her rich father, she lives together with her stepmother. Recently she sees a man in black following her, waiting for her ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Horror
DIRECTION:  John Llewellyn Moxey
CAST:  Mariette Hartley  •  Kathleen Beller  •  Arlen Dean Snyder  •  Gary Graham

Sisters and Other Strangers (1997)

A woman (Joanna Kerns), at odds with her eccentric sister (Debrah Farentino) over a real-estate deal, becomes the prime suspect when the latter is found dead.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Roger Young
CAST:  Joanna Kerns  •  Debrah Farentino  •  George Grizzard  •  Audra Lindley

Money on the Side (1982)

No description available yet.

DIRECTION:  Robert L. Collins
CAST:  Karen Valentine  •  Jamie Lee Curtis  •  Linda Purl  •  Christopher Lloyd

The Ordeal of Patty Hearst (1979)

The story of the kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patty Hearst by members of a radical guerrilla organisation, as seen by the FBI agent in charge of her case.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Paul Wendkos
CAST:  Dennis Weaver  •  Lisa Eilbacher  •  David Haskell  •  Stephen Elliott

In the Best Interest of the Children (1992) RT Audience 80%

Fact-based story of a legal battle fought over custody of five siblings.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Michael Ray Rhodes
CAST:  Sarah Jessica Parker  •  Sally Struthers  •  Lexi Randall  •  Gary Graham

Danger Island (1992)

DVD release: Jan 2003

After their plane crashes in the Pacific ocean after a storm a group of people scramble to a tropical island. At first the place seems home to palm trees and exotic wildlife ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Tommy Lee Wallace
CAST:  Lisa Banes  •  Richard Beymer  •  Maria Celedonio  •  Gary Graham