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Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

After the insane General Jack D. Ripper initiates a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union, a war room full of politicians, generals and a Russian diplomat all frantically try to ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama • War
DIRECTION:  Stanley Kubrick
CAST:  Peter Sellers  •  George C. Scott  •  Sterling Hayden  •  Slim Pickens

Battle Circus (1953) RT Audience 27%

DVD release: Mar 2000

A young Army nurse, Lt Ruth McGara (June Allyson), newly assigned to the 66th MASH during the Korean War, attracts the sexual attention of the unit's commander Dr. (MAJ) Jed ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • War
DIRECTION:  Richard Brooks
CAST:  Humphrey Bogart  •  June Allyson  •  Keenan Wynn  •  Robert Keith

Herbie Rides Again (1974) RT 80% / Audience 53%

DVD release: May 2004

The living Volkswagen Beetle helps a old lady protect her home from a corrupt developer.  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Family • Fantasy • Romance
DIRECTION:  Robert Stevenson
CAST:  Helen Hayes  •  Ken Berry  •  Stefanie Powers  •  John McIntire

Loving (1970) RT 93% / Audience 96%

Brooks Wilson is in crisis. He is torn between his wife Selma and two daughters and his mistress Grace, and also between his career as a successful illustrator and his feeling ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Irvin Kershner
CAST:  George Segal  •  Eva Marie Saint  •  Sterling Hayden  •  Keenan Wynn

Nashville (1975)

This movie tells the intersecting stories of various people connected to the music business in Nashville. Barbara Jean is the reigning queen of Nashville but is near collapse. ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Music
DIRECTION:  Robert Altman
CAST:  David Arkin  •  Barbara Baxley  •  Ned Beatty  •  Karen Black

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) RT 98% / Audience 95%

DVD release: Nov 2003

This classic western masterpiece is an epic film about a widow whose land and life are in danger as the railroad is getting closer and closer to taking them over. A mysterious ...  (more)

GENRES: Western
DIRECTION:  Sergio Leone
CAST:  Henry Fonda  •  Claudia Cardinale  •  Jason Robards  •  Charles Bronson

Orca (1977)

After witnessing the killing of his mate and offspring at Captain Nolan's hands, a vengeful killer whale goes on a rampage in the fisherman's Newfoundland harbor. Under ...  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Drama • Horror
DIRECTION:  Michael Anderson
CAST:  Richard Harris  •  Charlotte Rampling  •  Will Sampson  •  Bo Derek

Parts: The Clonus Horror (1979)

Politicians scheme to clone themselves, assuring immortal life.  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Robert S. Fiveson
CAST:  Peter Graves  •  Eileen Dietz  •  Paulette Breen  •  Tim Donnelly

Piranha (1978) RT 72% / Audience 42%

DVD release: Nov 1999

When flesh-eating piranhas are accidently released into a summer resort's rivers, the guests become their next meal.  (more)

GENRES: Horror
CAST:  Heather Menzies  •  Kevin McCarthy  •  Dick Miller  •  Keenan Wynn

Point Blank (1967) RT 97% / Audience 85%

DVD release: Jul 2005

After being double-crossed and left for dead, a mysterious man named Walker single-mindedly tries to retrieve the rather inconsequential sum of money that was stolen from him.  (more)

GENRES: Action • Crime • Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  John Boorman
CAST:  Lee Marvin  •  Angie Dickinson  •  Keenan Wynn  •  Carroll O'Connor

Royal Wedding (1951)

Fred Astaire (Tom) and Jane Powell (Ellen) are asked to perform as a dance team in England at the time of Princess Elizabeth's wedding. As brother and sister, each develops a ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Music • Romance
DIRECTION:  Stanley Donen
CAST:  Fred Astaire  •  Jane Powell  •  Peter Lawford  •  Sarah Churchill

The Americanization of Emily (1964) RT 100% / Audience 81%

DVD release: May 2005

During the build-up to D-Day in 1944, the British found their island hosting many thousands of American soldiers who were "oversexed, overpaid, and over here". That's Charlie ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Romance
DIRECTION:  Arthur Hiller
CAST:  James Garner  •  Julie Andrews  •  Melvyn Douglas  •  James Coburn

The Belle of New York (1952) RT Audience 32%

DVD release: Jul 2007

In squeaky-clean New York at the turn of the century, playboy Charlie Hill falls so much in love that he can walk on air. The object of his affections is beautiful Angela ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Music • Romance
DIRECTION:  Charles Walters
CAST:  Fred Astaire  •  Vera-Ellen  •  Marjorie Main  •  Keenan Wynn

The Clock (1945) RT 100% / Audience 83%

DVD release: Feb 2007

A G.I. en route to Europe falls in love during a whirlwind two-day leave in New York City.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Vincente Minnelli
CAST:  Judy Garland  •  Robert Walker  •  James Gleason  •  Keenan Wynn

The Devil's Rain (1975) RT 20% / Audience 36%

DVD release: Jun 1999

Satanists in the middle west terrorize and sometimes melt the terrified locals.  (more)

GENRES: Horror
DIRECTION:  Robert Fuest
CAST:  Ernest Borgnine  •  Eddie Albert  •  Ida Lupino  •  William Shatner

The Great Race (1965)

Professional daredevil and white-suited hero, The Great Leslie, convinces turn-of-the-century auto makers that a race from New York to Paris (westward across America, the ...  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Comedy
DIRECTION:  Blake Edwards
CAST:  Jack Lemmon  •  Tony Curtis  •  Natalie Wood  •  Peter Falk

The Mechanic (1972) RT 40% / Audience 67%

DVD release: Oct 2002

Arthur Bishop is a veteran hit man who, owing to his penchant for making his targets' deaths seem like accidents, thinks himself an artist. It's made him very rich, but as he ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Crime • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Michael Winner
CAST:  Charles Bronson  •  Jan-Michael Vincent  •  Keenan Wynn  •  Jill Ireland

The Perfect Furlough (1958)

A love-starved soldier (Tony Curtis) stationed at an Arctic base wins a furlough in Paris, but a pretty, no-nonsense military psychologist (Janet Leigh) is ordered to ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
DIRECTION:  Blake Edwards
CAST:  Tony Curtis  •  Janet Leigh  •  Keenan Wynn  •  Linda Cristal

The War Wagon (1967) RT 83% / Audience 77%

DVD release: Aug 1998

An ex-con seeks revenge on the man who put him in prison by planning a robbery of the latter's stagecoach, which is transporting gold. He enlists the help of a partner, who ...  (more)

GENRES: Western
DIRECTION:  Burt Kennedy
CAST:  John Wayne  •  Kirk Douglas  •  Howard Keel  •  Robert Walker, Jr.

Three Little Words (1950) RT Audience 80%

DVD release: Apr 2006

Song-and-dance man Bert Kalmar can't continue his stage career after an injury for while, so he has to earn his money as a lyricst. Per chance he meets composer Harry Ruby and ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Music • Romance
DIRECTION:  Richard Thorpe
CAST:  Fred Astaire  •  Red Skelton  •  Vera-Ellen  •  Arlene Dahl