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Insomnia (2002) RT 92% / Audience 76%

DVD release: Oct 2002

Two Los Angeles homicide detectives are dispatched to a northern town where the sun doesn't set to investigate the methodical murder of a local teen.  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Christopher Nolan
CAST:  Hilary Swank  •  Al Pacino  •  Robin Williams  •  Maura Tierney

In the Blue Ground (TV Movie) (1999)

Someone – or something – is stalking the woods of Lynx River, a small isolated town in the unforgiving wilderness. When a geologist on the verge of a major diamond find is ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  Alan Simmonds
CAST:  Tina Keeper  •  Tracey Cook  •  Robert Bockstael  •  Peter Kelly Gaudreault

Another Country (2003) RT Audience 74%

DVD release: Sep 2004

While in Calgary on business for Lynx River Resources, Teevee Tenia is in the wrong place at the wrong time. A troubled young native woman reaches out to him for help and sets ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Gary Harvey
CAST:  Tina Keeper  •  Dakota House  •  Hugh Thompson  •  Timothy Webber

Distant Drumming: A North of 60 Mystery (2005)

Teevee Tenia has a plan - he intends to persuade Lynx River to dump the RCMP and establish an all Dene Police Force. But Corporal Michelle Kenidi is concerned: will a Dene ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Dean Bennett
CAST:  Tina Keeper  •  Tom Jackson  •  Dakota House  •  Jennifer Podemski

Flicka 2 (2010) RT Audience 72%

DVD release: May 2010

Carrie is a big-city teenager whose life is turned upside down when she moves to a horse ranch in Wyoming to live with her father. But everything changes when Carrie meets ...  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Drama
DIRECTION:  Michael Damian
CAST:  Patrick Warburton  •  Tammin Sursok  •  Emily Tennant  •  Reilly Dolman

Gods Acre (2016)

Frank (Lorne Cardinal) lives alone on his family’s ancestral Cree lands, but water levels are rising due to climate change, and evacuation seems more necessary every day.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Kelton Stepanowich
CAST:  Lorne Cardinal  •  Greg Lawson  •  Rollie Pemberton  •  Christopher Taber

Into the Forest (2016)

In the not too distant future, two young women who live in a remote ancient forest discover the world around them is on the brink of an apocalypse. Informed only by rumor, ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Patricia Rozema
CAST:  Ellen Page  •  Evan Rachel Wood  •  Max Minghella  •  Callum Keith Rennie

Corner Gas: The Movie (2014)

It’s been a few years, and there’s still not a lot going on 40 kilometers from nowhere. But that’s all about to change as the fine folks of Dog River, Saskatchewan face their ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Family
DIRECTION:  David Storey
CAST:  Brent Butt  •  Gabrielle Miller  •  Fred Ewanuick  •  Eric Peterson

Far From Home (2014)

Upon the death of his estranged uncle, an embittered writer returns to his home town.  (more)

CAST:  Barry Watson  •  Aleks Paunovic  •  Stefanie von Pfetten  •  Eli Goree

If I Had Wings (2013)

Alex, blind since the age of two, dreams of running for his school's cross-country team. His father, a probation officer, finds a running partner who spends his time 'running' ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Allan Harmon
CAST:  Richard Harmon  •  Jaren Brandt Bartlett  •  Craig Bierko  •  Jill Hennessy

Kayak to Klemtu (2018)

14-year-old Ella is determined to travel the length of the Inside Passage, along the shores of the Great Bear Rainforest by kayak in order to testify against a proposed ...  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Family
DIRECTION:  Zoe Leigh Hopkins
CAST:  Ta'kaiya Blaney  •  Sonja Bennett  •  Lorne Cardinal  •  Evan Adams

The Humanity Bureau (2017)

In 2030 the world is in a permanent state of economic recession and facing serious environmental problems as a result of global warming.  (more)

GENRES: Action • Adventure • Science Fiction
CAST:  Nicolas Cage  •  Sarah Lind  •  Jakob Davies  •  Hugh Dillon

Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery (2017)

Brilliant, dedicated, and driven, archaeologist Emma Fielding is trying to unearth evidence of a 17th century coastal Maine settlement that predates Jamestown, one of the most ...  (more)

GENRES: Mystery
DIRECTION:  Douglas Barr
CAST:  Courtney Thorne-Smith  •  James Tupper  •  Adam DiMarco  •  Martin Cummins

The Adventure Club (2017)

With the discovery of an ancient puzzle box, a Boy, with the help of his friends, begins an adventure to find his fortune.  (more)

GENRES: Family
DIRECTION:  Geoff Anderson
CAST:  Billy Zane  •  Kim Coates  •  Gabrielle Miller  •  Dalila Bela

The Great Northern Candy Drop (2017)

The pilot of an arctic community's candy air-drop is confronted by a visiting government bureaucrat who disapproves of the Christmas tradition.  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Comedy • Family
DIRECTION:  Phil Lafrance  •  Jamie LeClaire
CAST:  Lorne Cardinal  •  Katie Griffin  •  Tantoo Cardinal  •  Neil Crone

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