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Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) RT 59% / Audience 58%

DVD release: Nov 2005

After five (or six) years of vanilla-wedded bliss, ordinary suburbanites John and Jane Smith are stuck in a huge rut. Unbeknownst to each other, they are both coolly lethal, ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Comedy • Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Doug Liman
CAST:  Angelina Jolie  •  Brad Pitt  •  Vince Vaughn  •  Adam Brody

The Ambulance (1990) RT Audience 52%

DVD release: Oct 1993

Josh meets a young woman who shortly afterwards collapses and is rushed to hospital in an ambulance. He follows after her only to find that there is no record her being ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Comedy • Horror • Romance • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Larry Cohen
CAST:  Eric Roberts  •  James Earl Jones  •  Megan Gallagher  •  Red Buttons

First to Die (2003)

A homicide inspector -- Lindsay Boxer -- who teams with three other professional women to catch an ingenious serial killer targeting newlyweds on their wedding nights.  (more)

GENRES: Action • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Russell Mulcahy
CAST:  Tracy Pollan  •  Gil Bellows  •  Carly Pope  •  Megan Gallagher

Champagne Charlie (1989) RT Audience 20%

DVD release: Apr 2007

No overview found.  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Drama • Romance • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Allan Eastman
CAST:  Hugh Grant  •  Megan Gallagher  •  Georges Descrières  •  Jean-Claude Dauphin

Abducted: A Father's Love (1996)

A man kidnaps his little girl to protect her from an abusive mother, then becomes the first man to enter a woman's underground movement.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Chuck Bowman
CAST:  Chris Noth  •  Loryn Locklin  •  Megan Gallagher  •  Stepfanie Kramer

Get a Job (2016)

A recent college graduate and his friends are forced to lower life expectations when they leave school for the real world. Life after college graduation is not exactly going ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
DIRECTION:  Dylan Kidd
CAST:  Anna Kendrick  •  Bryan Cranston  •  Miles Teller  •  Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property (2003) RT Audience 33%

In 1831, Nat Turner led a slave rebellion in the United States that resulted in the murder of local slave owners and their families, the eventual execution of 55 rebels and ...  (more)

GENRES: Documentary
DIRECTION:  Charles Burnett
CAST:  Carl Lumbly  •  Justin Dray  •  Megan Gallagher  •  Charles Burnett

Like Father, Like Santa (1998) RT Audience 33%

A ruthless toy tycoon (Harry Hamlin) out to crush all of his competitors travels to the North Pole to put an end to his biggest rival.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Michael Scott
CAST:  Harry Hamlin  •  Megan Gallagher  •  Curtis Blanck

Inhabited (2003)

After Brad and Meg move to a detached house in need of major repairs after a fire and decades of neglect, they're happy that cheerful teenage son Tyler behaves normally, for ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror
DIRECTION:  Kelly Sandefur
CAST:  Megan Gallagher  •  Greg Cipes  •  Eric Lutes  •  Sofia Vassilieva

Contagion (2002) RT Audience 33%

DVD release: Oct 2003

In the 21st Century, terrorists have developed a new way to strike: disease. Not only have they created a deadly Level Four Ebola virus, their first victim is the President of ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Science Fiction
CAST:  Bruce Boxleitner  •  Megan Gallagher  •  Lin Shaye  •  Tom Wright

A Leap of Faith (1995)

DVD release: Sep 2006

When troubled, cynical teen Rick chooses service at a camp for the blind over serving time at a correctional facility, he thinks he's found the easy way out. Instead, it's the ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  David Mackay
CAST:  Jeremy London  •  Gina Philips  •  Megan Gallagher  •  Adam Wylie

Lethal Vows (1999) RT Audience 58%

DVD release: Sep 2004

This psychological thriller, based on a true story, is about a seemingly upstanding, caring husband and father (Ritter) who is accused of foul play by his ex-wife regarding ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Paul Schneider
CAST:  John Ritter  •  Marg Helgenberger  •  Megan Gallagher  •  Lawrence Dane

Alyce Kills (2011)

After accidentally knocking her best friend off a roof, Alyce is haunted by guilt and delves into a brutal nightmare wonderland of sex, drugs and violence, her mind tearing ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Thriller
CAST:  Jade Dornfeld  •  Tamara Feldman  •  James Duval  •  Larry Cedar

King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen (2018)

A feature length documentary on the acclaimed work and eclectic career of maverick filmmaker Larry Cohen (BLACK CAESAR, GOD TOLD ME TO, Q THE WINGED SERPENT, THE STUFF, PHONE ...  (more)

GENRES: Documentary
DIRECTION:  Steve Mitchell
CAST:  Larry Cohen  •  Martin Scorsese  •  Eric Roberts  •  Tara Reid

Double Mommy (2016)

After taking a break for the summer before their senior year, Ryan and Jess rekindle their relationship, and find out that Jess is pregnant with twins. When Ryan's mother ...  (more)

CAST:  Morgan Obenreder  •  Mark Grossman  •  Bruce Boxleitner  •  Griffin Freeman

August Rush (2007) RT 37% / Audience 82%

DVD release: Mar 2008

A drama with fairy tale elements, where an orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift as a clue to finding his birth parents.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Family • Music
DIRECTION:  Kirsten Sheridan
CAST:  Freddie Highmore  •  Keri Russell  •  Jonathan Rhys Meyers  •  Terrence Howard

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