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Alexandra's Project (2003) RT 53% / Audience 55%

DVD release: Jan 2005

Steve is a man who has it all, a successful career, wonderful children, beautiful home and a loving wife. However, returning to his home after work on his birthday, he finds ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Gary Sweet  •  Helen Buday  •  Bogdan Koca  •  Samantha Knigge

Bad Boy Bubby (1993) RT 83% / Audience 88%

DVD release: Apr 2005

Bad Boy Bubby is just that: a bad boy. So bad, in fact, that his mother has kept him locked in their house for his entire thirty years, convincing him that the air outside is ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Nicholas Hope  •  Ralph Cotterill  •  Claire Benito  •  Syd Brisbane

Ten Canoes (2006) RT 98% / Audience 78%

DVD release: Sep 2007

A story within a story within a story. In Australia's Northern Territory, an Aboriginal narrator tells a story about his ancestors on a goose hunt. A youngster on the hunt is ...  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer  •  Peter Djigirr
CAST:  Crusoe Kurddal  •  Jamie Gulpilil  •  Richard Birrinbirrin  •  David Gulpilil

Dingo (1991) RT Audience 77%

DVD release: Apr 2002

Young John Anderson is captivated by jazz musician, Billy Cross when he performs on the remote airstrip of his Western Australian outback hometown after his plane is diverted. ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Music
DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Colin Friels  •  Miles Davis  •  Helen Buday  •  Joe Petruzzi

The Old Man Who Read Love Stories (2001) RT Audience 63%

A man is forced to confront a dangerous female jaguar and his own past through the sacrificial killing of the beast he has grown to love.  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Drama
DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Richard Dreyfuss  •  Timothy Spall  •  Hugo Weaving  •  Cathy Tyson

The King Is Dead (2012) RT 100% / Audience 34%

A happy, unsuspecting couple, Max (Dan Wyllie) and Therese (Bojana Novakovic), buy a house in what appears to be a quiet, friendly neighbourhood. Settling in well, they make ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Daniel Wyllie  •  Bojana Novakovic  •  Gary Waddell

Tail of a Tiger (1984)

A kid and an old man fix a broken plane and their lives are changed forever.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Family
DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Grant Navin  •  Gordon Poole  •  Caz Lederman  •  Peter Feeley

Epsilon (1997)

In this sci-fi adventure a gorgeous alien woman is sent to Earth by mistake from the planet Epsilon. Landing in the Australian outback she meets a surveyor and they cross the ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Ullie Birve  •  Syd Brisbane  •  Alethea McGrath  •  Chloe Ferguson

Dance Me to My Song (1998) RT Audience 100%

Julia (Heather Rose) is crippled with cerebral palsy, lives in a wheelchair, waits for her carer to come and clean her, feed her, in a daily cycle. Her latest carer, Madelaine ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  John Brumpton  •  Rena Owen  •  Joey Kennedy  •  Heather Rose

The Quiet Room (1996) RT 80% / Audience 71%

DVD release: Mar 2008

A seven-year-old girl adopts a vow of silence in protest when her quarrelsome parents grow increasingly hostile to one another.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Celine O'Leary  •  Paul Blackwell  •  Chloe Ferguson  •  Phoebe Ferguson

Incident at Raven's Gate (1988) RT Audience 25%

Ex-con Eddie Cleary gets a job working on his older brother's isolated farm. It's not long before bizarre things start happening--dead birds falling out of the sky, family ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Fantasy • Science Fiction • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Steven Vidler  •  Celine O'Leary  •  Ritchie Singer  •  Vincent Gil

The Tracker (2002) RT 88% / Audience 88%

DVD release: Sep 2005

Somewhere in Australia in the early 20th century outback, an Aboriginal man is accused of murdering a white woman. Three white men are on a mission to capture him with the ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • History • Western
DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  David Gulpilil  •  Gary Sweet  •  Damon Gameau  •  Grant Page

Charlie's Country (2013) RT 94% / Audience 86%

Blackfella Charlie is getting older, and he's out of sorts. The intervention is making life more difficult on his remote community, what with the proper policing of whitefella ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Peter Djigirr  •  Luke Ford  •  Jennifer Budukpuduk Gaykamangu  •  David Gulpilil

Dr. Plonk (2007)

A scientist & inventor in 1907, Dr Plonk, predicts that the world will end in 101 years, unless something is done about it.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Rolf de Heer
CAST:  Nigel Martin  •  Paul Blackwell  •  Magda Szubanski  •  Wayne Anthoney

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