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The Triplets of Belleville (2003) RT 94% / Audience 90%

DVD release: May 2004

When her grandson is kidnapped during the Tour de France, Madame Souza and her beloved pooch Bruno team up with the Belleville Sisters--an aged song-and-dance team from the ...  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Sylvain Chomet
CAST:  Béatrice Bonifassi  •  Lina Boudreau  •  Michèle Caucheteux  •  Jean-Claude Donda

Paris, je t'aime (2006)

Olivier Assayas, Gus Van Sant, Wes Craven and Alfonso Cuaron are among the 20 distinguished directors who contribute to this collection of 18 stories, each exploring a ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Gérard Depardieu  •  Joel Coen  •  Ethan Coen  •  Wes Craven  •  Alfonso Cuarón  •  Alexander Payne  •  Tom Tykwer  •  Sylvain Chomet  •  Gus Van Sant  •  Vincenzo Natali  •  Richard LaGravenese  •  Isabel Coixet  •  Olivier Assayas  •  Walter Salles  •  Bruno Podalydès  •  Oliver Schmitz  •  Gurinder Chadha  •  Nobuhiro Suwa  •  Daniela Thomas  •  Frédéric Auburtin  •  Christopher Doyle
CAST:  Steve Buscemi  •  Axel Kiener  •  Julie Bataille  •  Bruno Podalydès

The Old Lady and the Pigeons (1997)

A starving gendarme, wasting away from hunger, is reduced to grabbing castoff snacks from fat American tourists. When he sees as old woman feeding pigeons, in desperation he ...  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Comedy
DIRECTION:  Sylvain Chomet
CAST:  James Pidgeon  •  Michoue Sylvain  •  Andrea Usher-Jones

Attila Marcel (2013) RT 79% / Audience 55%

Paul is a sweet man-child, raised — and smothered — by his two eccentric aunts in Paris since the death of his parents when he was a toddler. Now thirty-three, he still does ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Sylvain Chomet
CAST:  Anne Le Ny  •  Bernadette Lafont  •  Hélène Vincent  •  Guillaume Gouix

The Illusionist (2010)

A French illusionist travels to Scotland to work. He meets a young woman in a small village. Their ensuing adventure in Edinburgh changes both their lives forever.  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Drama
DIRECTION:  Sylvain Chomet
CAST:  Jean-Claude Donda  •  Eilidh Rankin  •  Jacques Tati

The Magnificent Tati (2009)

This documentary traces Jacques Tati's rise from the Parisian Music-Hall stage to his Oscar winning films of the 1950s, the documentary then explains how Tati bet all he had ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Michael House
CAST:  Jacques Tati  •  David Bellos  •  Stéphane Goudet  •  Frank Black

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