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Iris (2011) RT 98% / Audience 80%

DVD release: Aug 2015

A hauntingly beautiful and unusual coming-of-age tale. Set in 1890, Iris's artist mother leaves Stockholm for the summer and sends her 9-year old daughter to stay with an ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Family • History
DIRECTION:  Ulrika Bengts
CAST:  Magnus Krepper  •  Tobias Zilliacus  •  Marika Parkkomäki  •  Robert Enckell

Johan Falk: Organizatsija Karayan (2012)

Johan Falk's stepdaughter Nina has gotten in contact with her biological father, Orjan, discovering that he is in debt to an Estonian construction company in Gothenburg, ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Crime • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Richard Holm
CAST:  Jakob Eklund  •  Marie Richardson  •  Mikael Tornving  •  Joel Kinnaman

The Hypnotist (2012)

After a young woman and her parents are murdered by a killer determined to wipe out the entire family, Detective Inspector Joona Linna works with a psychiatrist to hypnotize ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Lasse Hallström
CAST:  Tobias Zilliacus  •  Mikael Persbrandt  •  Lena Olin  •  Helena af Sandeberg

One Foot Under (2009)

Visa Vuorio (Tobias Zilliacus), a 35-year old team leader at the Helsinki city gardening department, is suffering from a terminal neurological disease and only has a few ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Johanna Vuoksenmaa
CAST:  Susanna Anteroinen  •  Vesa Vierikko  •  Helena Vierikko  •  Tobias Zilliacus

Beyond the Front Line (2004)

A movie based on real wartime diaries tells the story of the Swedish speaking Finns' infantry regiment 61. The story follows the regiment during the Continuation War from 1942 ...  (more)

GENRES: History
DIRECTION:  Åke Lindman
CAST:  Tobias Zilliacus  •  Ilkka Heiskanen  •  Christoffer Westerlund  •  Kim Gustafsson

Wallander 29 - Sveket (2013)

No description available yet.

GENRES: Crime • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Leif Magnusson
CAST:  Krister Henriksson  •  Charlotta Jonsson  •  Signe Dahlkvist  •  Leonard Terfelt

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