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Brokeback Mountain (2005) RT 87% / Audience 82%

DVD release: Apr 2006

Brokeback Mountain is an Ang Lee film about two modern day cowboys who meet on a shepherding job in the summer of ’63. The two share a raw and powerful summer together that ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Romance
CAST:  Heath Ledger  •  Jake Gyllenhaal  •  Randy Quaid  •  Michelle Williams

Family Sins (2004) RT Audience 66%

Based on the true story of the Burt family who seemed normal, upstanding members of the community but were actually deeply embedded in crime. The matriarch took in foster ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Graeme Clifford
CAST:  Kirstie Alley  •  Deanna Milligan  •  Kathleen Wilhoite  •  Will Patton

Dream Storm (2001)

The body of a trapper from the community of Swan Landing washes up on the banks of Lynx River while the two towns are in bitter negotiations over a new gas pipeline. The near ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  Stacey Stewart Curtis
CAST:  Tina Keeper  •  Tracey Cook  •  Peter Kelly Gaudreault  •  Tom Jackson

Jet Boy (2001) RT Audience 77%

Dave Schultz' feature debut Jet Boy is a drama about a boy attempting to figure out his future. Nathan (Branden Nadon) goes on a search to find his father after his mother ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Dave Schultz
CAST:  Matthew Currie Holmes  •  Branden Nadon  •  Joe Norman Shaw  •  Dylan Walsh

Burn Your Maps (2016)

An American 8-year-old who declares to his parents that he is actually a Mongolian goat herder born in the wrong place. When he meets a similarly displaced Indian filmmaker, ...  (more)

GENRES: Adventure
DIRECTION:  Jordan Roberts
CAST:  Vera Farmiga  •  Omari Hardwick  •  Virginia Madsen  •  Suraj Sharma

Incontrol (2017)

Incontrol follows a group of university students who discover a device that allows them to take control of others, and experience the world through someone else. As they push ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Science Fiction • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Kurtis David Harder
CAST:  Levi Meaden  •  Rory J. Saper  •  Anja Savcic  •  Brittany Allen

It's Not My Fault and I Don't Care Anyway (2017)

A rich and famous self-help guru's controversial philosophy of extreme selfishness is put to the ultimate test when his only daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Christopher Craddock
CAST:  Alan Thicke  •  Quinton Aaron  •  Leah Doz  •  Valerie Planche

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