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The 13th Warrior (1999) RT 33% / Audience 65%

DVD release: Jan 2002

In AD 922, Arab courtier Ahmad Ibn Fadlan (Antonio Banderas) accompanies a party of Vikings to the barbaric North to combat a terror that slaughters Vikings and devours their ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Adventure • Fantasy
DIRECTION:  John McTiernan
CAST:  Antonio Banderas  •  Vladimir Kulich  •  Dennis Storhøi  •  Daniel Southern

Red Scorpion 2 (1995) RT Audience 17%

DVD release: Feb 1996

An elite group of "soldiers" are assigned the job of infultrating a right-wing militia group. Each team member has unique skills (what's new ?). The right wingers have a ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Michael Kennedy
CAST:  Matt McColm  •  John Savage  •  Jennifer Rubin  •  Paul Ben-Victor

The Equalizer (2014) RT 60% / Audience 76%

DVD release: Dec 2014

In The Equalizer, Denzel Washington plays McCall, a man who believes he has put his mysterious past behind him and dedicated himself to beginning a new, quiet life. But when ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Crime • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Antoine Fuqua
CAST:  Denzel Washington  •  Chloë Grace Moretz  •  Marton Csokas  •  Andrew Farazi

Decoy (1995)

DVD release: Feb 1995

Baxter and Travis are two guys hired to protect a millionaire's daughter from bad guys.  (more)

GENRES: Action
DIRECTION:  Vittorio Rambaldi
CAST:  Robert Patrick  •  Darlene Vogel  •  Peter Weller  •  Peter Breck

Cracker Jack (1994)

A cop on vacation at a mountain resort comes to the rescue when the resort is taken over by violent criminals.  (more)

GENRES: Action • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Michael Mazo
CAST:  Thomas Ian Griffith  •  Nastassja Kinski  •  Christopher Plummer  •  George Touliatos

Ironclad (2011) RT 43% / Audience 41%

DVD release: Jul 2011

In the year 1215, the rebel barons of England have forced their despised King John to put his royal seal on the Magna Carta, a seminal document that upheld the rights of free ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Adventure • History • Romance
DIRECTION:  Jonathan English
CAST:  James Purefoy  •  Kate Mara  •  Jason Flemyng  •  Paul Giamatti

The Only Witness (2003)

DVD release: Jun 2007

A little girl is quickly surrounded by a group of law-enforcement professionals and a psychologist after she witnesses a murder.  (more)

GENRES: Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Tom Whitus
CAST:  Kristy Swanson  •  Vincent Spano  •  Vladimir Kulich  •  Bruce Boxleitner

Firestorm (1998) RT 12% / Audience 26%

DVD release: Dec 2001

Firefighter Jesse Graves has to save ornithologist Jennifer and other people caught in a forest fire, which was set up by the lawyer of convicted killer Earl Shaye, who ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Adventure • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Dean Semler
CAST:  Howie Long  •  Scott Glenn  •  Suzy Amis  •  William Forsythe

Grave Walkers (2015)

Supernatural forces are locked into a college town police force's basement jail. The sheriff and his deputies are subjected to psychic attacks, preying on the fears of the ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror
DIRECTION:  Ari Kirschenbaum
CAST:  Charlene Amoia  •  Vladimir Kulich  •  Tony Todd  •  Vincent M. Ward

Savage Dog (2017)

A story set in Indochina in 1959, a lawless land controlled by the criminal class: Vietnamese warlords and European war-criminals. Den-Dhin-Chan Labor Camp is run by four such ...  (more)

GENRES: Action
DIRECTION:  Jesse V. Johnson
CAST:  Scott Adkins  •  Marko Zaror  •  JuJu Chan  •  Cung Le

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